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Working with Google, my team at MKG created a vibrant installation to showcase the Pixel 2 phone at Coachella in 2018. 

We created an environment of freestanding dichroic plexiglass panels, a perfect photo background for selfies for Coachella fans to do what they do best (take selfies, of course). Guests were encouraged to use the Pixel 2 phones to take superior selfies, showcasing the high-quality night mode and portrait features of the Pixel 2. Their photos were immediately sent to them so they could blast them out to the world.

We also decked out seven of the ferris wheel pods with dichroic film to provide riders with yet another memorable setting to document their raucous desert adventure.

Position: Lead Designer

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Initial design iterations and brainstorming
  • Concept development, brainstorming and marketing strategy
  • Designing/3D modelling in SketchUp and rendering in Podium
  • Creating graphics and mechanicals in Adobe Illustrator
  • Creating renders and graphics for client facing design decks
  • Leading client calls and presentations
  • Graphics and fabrication vendor management
  • Managing and organizing print, build and sourcing lists
  • Prepping print files and build mechanicals
  • Leading load-in for all design elements onsite

Photos by: Marrissa Joy


Insta: @leannekriz  Leannekriz@gmail.com